You Don't Have to Live with Painful Sex with Dr Lauren Crigler


Season 2 Episode 1
In this Episode:
We're back with our first episode of Tail of the Bell Season 2!
In this episode, host Nancy Allen interviews Lauren Crigler, a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in pelvic floor health. Lauren coaches women in person and online who are having pain with sex, helping them to solve the underlying pelvic floor issues, as well as communicate with their partner and reconnect with their bodies. In this session we discuss:
  • What a pelvic floor physical therapist is and does
  • Some of the ways to identify if the pelvic floor is not working properly and differentiating between short term new onset pain vs chronic long term pain
  • Understanding the connection between the emotional and physical aspects, specifically chronic stress and the postural muscles (including shoulders, jaw and pelvic floor) 
  • How Lauren works with women one-on-one OR in combination with their partner to learn internal and external techniques either face-to-face in her Georgia brick-and-mortar practice as well as online through video conferences
  • Shifting from months or even years of abstinence or “grinning and bearing it” to sexual experiences that increase intimacy and physical pleasure 
  • Coaching clients on positive, future focused strategies used to tell their partner about painful sex, possible partner responses, as well as to temper negative self-assessment
  • Stopping self-blame and fear in the therapeutic processes BY shifting mindset away from "this is something happening to me” TO "this is something that is happening for me and with me”; setting boundaries; setting both small steps and big goals; and by celebrating successes
  • The silver linings including a deeper more intimate relationship having worked through the problem with their partner, increased sexual desire and reaching orgasm
  • How Dr, Crigler got into this specialty and to an online treatment model
More About Lauren and her practice:
  • Lauren has spent over a decade helping women have pleasurable sex without pain. She majored in nutrition and geeked out in psychology courses at the University of Florida. She became a Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of South Carolina. Finally, after flying all over the U.S. for more continuing education, extensive testing, and presenting her research… she became certified in the subspecialty of pelvic floor physical therapy. She is a mother of two sons and herself has experienced pain with sex. Learn more about Lauren on her “About Me” section of her website.
  • In her practice, Dr Lauren Crigler focuses on:
    • What changes in the vulva, vagina, and pelvis lead to pain, and how women can overcome them
    • What sexual positions women can use to reduce specific types of pain
    • How women can treat themselves to reduce pain
    • How women can increase desire, arousal and orgasm
    • How women can involve their partners at every step in the process?
    • Which products are most helpful such as dilators, wands, toys, lubricants – and how they all have a place in pain reduction
Dr Lauren Crigler’s connections and offerings:
  • Website: includes a blog that addresses a lot of common problems with painful sex, explains ways to work with her, and is also a great resource.
  • Free Download: “7 essentials for pain-free sex” from her website
  • Facebook page: @drlaurencrigler
  • Facebook group: Sex pain solutions
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