If you are an Incest Survivor,

Your own unique story is welcome and supported here!



We were founded by survivors....

Tail of the Bell coaches and connects incest survivors whose life histories have gone through extreme adversities of the human experience. We provide a platform for you to not only survive day-to-day, but thrive in your everyday life so you may move on to fulfill your dreams. Tail of the Bell also collaborates with other organizations to raise awareness in the community of these issues, drive societal change, and ultimately prevent future criminal acts.

Offerings for Incest Survivors
We currently offer 3 levels of service for surivors:

Tail of the Bell Podcast - A free podcast specifically designed for adult survivors of childhood incest abuse. Each episode focuses on a specific topic intrepreted through a featured incest survivor's personal story and, where needed, further explored by subject matter experts.

Peer-to-Peer Connection - The YANA Village is a private, secure, peer-to-peer online community exclusively for adult survivors of childhood incest abuse. For an affordable $15 per month or $150 per year, survivors have access to a comprehensive searchable library of linked articles, videos and podcasts regarding topics of interest to survivors, and can interact with other survivors through the community chat feature, community posts and commentary. 

Coaching - For an added fee, Tail of the Bell offers group coaching to community members and individual 1-to-1 coaching (limited space availability).
Offerings for Therapists

We strongly believe in and value the therapeutic process. Therapists are offered three complimentary services:

Library Access - We scoured the internet to link articles, videos and podcasts of interest to incest survivors covering a wide range of topics. We are offering access to this comprehensive searchable library free of charge to therapists. Just join as a therapist member. 

Directory Listing - Therapist members may also be listed in our therapist directory made available on our website. 

Referral Bonus - While The YANA Village online community is affordable at $15 per month or $150 per year, we recognize the toll a survivor's struggle takes and that some of your survivor clients may not be able to afford that price point. Tail of the Bell wants to help bridge the gap. For every 5 client referrals that join The YANA Village community, you will receive a promotion code to offer one of your clients free community access for one year (a $150 value).

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