Moving through Fear and Denial to Acceptance with Aurora


Title: Moving Through Fear and Denial to Acceptance with Aurora

Guest: Aurora    
Episode Length: 59 minutes
In this Episode:
Aurora, our incest survivor guest, discusses her traumatic childhood and how she used fear and denial as a pathway to acceptance. In this interview, she focuses on:
  • Her childhood abuse impact on her sense of self including feeling invisible
  • Embracing the notion, “it’s ok to not be ok” as part of acknowledging and healing and working through body memories
  • Various forms of fear she experienced and the differentiation between healthy and unhealthy fears
  • How fear partners with denial to keep you from doing the healing work and why it’s important to move past the denial
  • Connecting to and building relationships with your emotions
  • Tools used in her healing process including writing, inner-child work, yoga, nature, play, mindfulness, somatic experience therapy and techniques, self-compassion, having a support system, affirmations etc.
  • Examples of somatic experience therapy techniques that were helpful to her
  • Tips to other survivors that may help them on their own healing journey
  • Various poems and authors that have inspired her
  • What acceptance means to her and how she’s living it
Further Information Regarding Mentioned Topics:
  • Rumi’s poem, The Guest House uses the analogy of a guest house to describe life’s journey. You can fin the full poem here:
  • Peter Levine, the father of somatic experience, an alternative therapy aimed at relieving the symptoms of PTSD by focusing on body sensations. His work originated from his fascination with wild animals not being traumatized by their every-day life and death existence. He wrote numerous books including Walking the Tiger and In an Unspoken Voice.
  • The works of Rainer Maria Rilke, a German poet including his thoughts on “Living the Questions” and perhaps gradually “live along some distant day into the answer”
Connecting with Aurora:
  • Aurora encourages survivors to reach out to her. 
  • If you would like to connect with Aurora, please direct your inquiry to We will be happy to forward the information on to Aurora, who for safety reasons, would prefer not to provide her direct contact information.
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