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What is it?

A private, affordable online community built on a secure seamless customized integrated platform levergaing NOVI AMS and Breezio software. Here, survivors can interact with other survivors, share information, tips and tricks, all while leveraging a growing knowledge repository on topics of interest to adult survivors of childhood incest abuse.

Key Features 

Use this community at your own comfort level. You may choose any level of engagement that feels right to you and may opt to:

  • just read posts and utilize the reference libararies
  • interact with other members via posts and chats
  • use the coaching tools provided
  • take advantage of the weekly featured topic coaching activities provided in Tail of the Bell posts
  • connect directly with other community members that have authorized that level of activity
  • choose to have an article, podcast, book or video you created or that's about you add to one of our libraries such as Reference, Survivor Stories, or Practical Tips (subject to admin approval)

It's entirely up to you! Here's a little more information about The YANA Village key features:

Resource Library Chat Posts
We scoured the internet and compiled a comprehensive searchable library of linked articles, infographics, videos and podcasts regarding roughly 100 different topics of interest to survivors. Note, although these items appear to reside on Tail of the Bell sites, they are merely links to the original source made possible through Breezio's software and may possibly be downloadable per the sources copyright stipulations. 

Survivors have the ability to comment on an item inline or at-article-end and also discuss with other survivors via the chat or posts features. 

Therapists may access the information but may not post comments or interact with members within the community.
Members may opt to interact with other members via The YANA Village's chat feature. Like other chat platforms, text-based messages may be submitted back and forth between community members and are not visible to other members.

You are in control of your profile and may highlight topics that you are interested in communicating with other members. You may also opt not to accept or participate in chats.
Posts come from two sources.

Tail of the Bell facilitates daily posts around a monthly theme and weekly sub-topics. See sample week for a list of planned monthly themes and our weekly content structure.

Community members can start a discussion, ask for support around a specific question, or share an article that adheres to the Community Rules The Community is here for you!

Safety Features

Safety is a primary concern from before joining, during the join and set up process, interacting as a member, and even if you choose to leave our group (although we'd hate to see you go).

Before joining During join / set up While in community If you leave

Because we are a private online community, we are selective in authorizing our members. Payment and approval are required to join. Admins will use commercially reasonable means to validate a prospective member's identity and may request additional information or references from you.

Our privacy policy details how we secure our sites and the information we collect.

Our payment process is fully integrated with QuickBooks Payments, a safe and secure online payment platform with bank-level security that accepts all major credit and debit cards. Tail of the Bell does not have access to any payment card details. Upon joining you will be asked to provide your true identity such that we may bill appropriately.

Once accepted into The YANA Village,  you may set up a community profile and opt to utilize your real name or an alias. Aside from a few mandatory fields, you may fill out as much or as little of the community profile as desired.  

We have strict Community Rules that are monitored and enforced by our admins. 

Members may flag posts and it will immediately be suspended until an admin reviews and resolves.

Members control their level of interaction wit
h other members as well as how much they choose to share.

We limit our 3rd parties data share with 3rd as detailed in our privacy policy.

The YANA Village has four profile statuses, active, inactive, deleted and hard deleted. Which status is used depends on how you leave and your desires.  Our retention policy and each of these statuses are detailed in our privacy policy.

Please see our membership information page for more details about the join process.