Facilitated Community Posts

Planned 2022 / 2023 Monthly Themes: 

   September = Recovery                      October = I'm Just Me                             November = Life Writing

   December = Holdays                          January = Thanks                                    February = Relationship Wellness

   March = Social Work                          April = Child Abuse Awareness             May = Mental Health Awareness

   June = Safety                                        July = Make a Difference to Kids          August = Happiness Happens

Sample Weekly Sub-Theme:

For example, September 2022 theme is Recovery and the 4 weekly sub-themes will be Choosing a Therapist, Nightmares, Pets in the Healing Process and Grieving Your Losses.

These weekly themes are then supported by structured daily posts. Additionally, Tail of the Bell will post a non-themed item of interest daily.

The general posting framework is as follows (please note, this is a guideline and may change to be responsive to current events and community needs):

Post Type Sunday Monday   Tuesday    Wednesday Thursday   Friday Saturday  
Weekly Theme Topic Introduction with summarization of key ideas and links to reference items Focus on self-reflection and goal setting leveraging coaching questions to action content introduced on Sunday; Introduce coaching tools as appropriate Highlight  relaionship aspect of the focus topic Highlight  workplace or community aspect of the topic Additional thoughts on the focus topic Regroup on what members learned, how to make it long-term and any follow-up Q&A Self care
Additional non-themed  Content Graphic of the Week Motivational Quote  Positive News Organization of the Week In the News Best Moment of the Week Survivor Warriors