Our Commitment to You


Tail of the Bell respects our clients’ painful pasts and honors the trust you place in us.  Accordingly, we will:

  1. Treat you with the honesty, integrity, respect, warmth, and openness you have always deserved and apply these same standards to all individuals we interact with along our journey. 
  2. Embrace and incorporate our foundational principles (Stand Big, Integrate Your Past, YANA: “You Are Not Alone”, It’s a Windy Journey, Lean In To Grow, Be Inquisitive, Reflect Back But Don’t Dwell, Make Informed Choices) in whole or in part in all the programs we build and operate. 
  3. Be safety conscious in all our endeavors.

Safety is a primary concern...


We respect and honor our clients’ safety needs and we will work with you to accommodate them as best we can.   When you talk to us, there’s no need to explain the detailed experiences behind your needs, however, we can better assist you if you can openly share what accommodations you may require beyond our regular safety offerings.
Confidentiality is fundamental to our partnering with you.  We hold your information strictly confidential and require all group program participants to sign a confidentiality agreement.  There are some instances where we may disclose information (generally either not personally identifiable or where we are concerned with someone hurting themselves or hurting others) and these are explicitly stated in our Services Agreement signed by both parties prior to commencing coaching activities.  We adhere to all privacy laws including records retention and safe keeping requirements.
While we would like to help all survivors, some survivor’s needs are greater than our programs can support and may be better handled by therapists or other specialists.  We assess every potential client to ensure that our programs are a good fit with your current needs. 


We recognize some of our clients are not comfortable with full identity disclosure to other clients. While we require a video conference for the initial intake discussion with one of our employees, after acceptance into our programs, we offer various levels of anonymity arrangements depending on the program, for example, The YANA Village allows for use of an alias within the community after initial sign-up and approval. Options will be noted in the specific program’s eligibility commentary.