Long Term Impacts of Childhood Degradation with Elona Washington


Do you ever wonder how someone got to where they are? Or how they had the courage and tenacity to reclaim their life after being on a challenging trajectory?

In this episode, our incest survivor guest, Elona Washington, discusses the impact childhood degradation and abuse had on her becoming a stripper, how she changed her life, and where she is today. You’ll be amazed!
In this interview she focuses on:
  • A glimpse into her childhood including incest perpetrated by a cousin (from age 5) and then other older boys as a young teenager.
  • How she went from an IVY league education home to a stripper
  • Lack of support from family members that were aware as well as from the community in general
  • Internalizing the external messages of negative self-worth
  • Finding a sense of belonging among other strippers where statistically 70% were also sexually abused before entering the industry
  • Raising her emotionally healthy, strong children and how her children saved her
  • Gravitating towards relationships that are familiar to you
  • Changing her mindset as a first step to changing her lifestyle and embracing her self-worth
  • How she helps strippers and other incest survivors today through her grassroots efforts, her speaking and her book
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Further Information Regarding Mentioned Topics:
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