Using Meditation as Oneof Your Healing and Life Tools with Karina Calver - Episode 15


In this Episode:

Karina Calver, our father-daughter incest survivor guest, describes using meditation to “help channel your calmness”. Join us as she expands upon:

·Her background including her traditional Indian heritage, cultural expectations around virginity, incest she experienced for roughly 15 years from the age of 5, and reclaiming herself

·What meditation is and how she’s used meditation as a healing and life tool

·Types of mediation (breath, guided etc.)

·Meditation apps and other practical tips for beginners

·Her book, A Girl’s Faith

·Her thoughts on self-love and being authentically you

Stuff mentioned in the show:

· Headspace meditation app. Learn more about it at their website

·Jon Kabat-Zinn, who is among other things, mindfulness expert, author of many books, featured on many YouTube videos, and the founder of the The Center of Mindfulness. You may find his mindfulness cds here

· Insight Timer meditation app. Learn more and get it for free from their website

A Girl’s Faith Synopsis from Karina’s website ( ) :

“A Girl’s Faith, is collection of short stories dedicated to Karina’s Grandma, who passed away in 2018. More importantly, her memoir uncovers her experiences as a rape survivor, and how she coped with abuse at the hands of an adult who misused his power. Her story exposes how she overcame the solitude she felt as a child. Her short stories about her life, reveal how Karina managed to eradicate stereotypes, learn about deep forgiveness and challenge herself to embrace her untold story. Until she found the guidance and support she needed, Karina was unable to move forward into a purposeful life as an adult. She uncovers the relationship she had with her maiden name; Komal and a conscious decision to change her identity, which enabled her to emerge from the murkiness of her past like a lotus flower. Karina is a qualified counselor from Monash University, Australia, specializing in Trauma and Relationship counseling. As a vegan, minimalist and a Buddhist, Karina lives by the motto of being the best version of herself by embodying a simple and mindful life.”

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