Dating and Relationships with Dr. Sharon Cohen - Episode 16


In this Episode:

Dr. Sharon Cohen, a dating and relationships consultant, uses my personal experiences as an incest survivor as a jump off point as we discuss:
• 3 stages of relationships
• Incest survivors’ common concerns and tips on how to address them
• Dating readiness
• Trusting your choices and instincts
• Non-negotiables
• Handling the topic of your past
• Dating practical safety tips
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Stuff mentioned in the show:
• Dr. Pat Allen – Dr. Sharon Cohen’s mentor
• Helen Fischer – is a leading expert of the biology of love and attraction and has written many books on this subject matter as well as many TED talks.
• Sensate focus – a sex therapy technique refocusing participants on their own sensory perceptions and sensuality instead of focus on the genitals or sexual intercourse. It’s about touching and being touched.
More about Dr. Cohen:
Dr. Sharon Cohen works with smart, often career-oriented women who don’t know why they’re still single. She helps them develop insight and effective skills to create and sustain the deeply intimate relationship they’ve been longing for. 
She's gone through her own journey of loneliness, loss, and love - breaking through her personal barriers with the help of her own mentor (Dr. Pat Allen) who she was introduced to when she was 45. Through working with her, Dr. Sharon attracted and married her husband at the age of 50. 
Dr. Sharon Cohen serves clients locally in Orange County, California (address given upon making appointment) and via video or phone conference for people who aren't in the local area. Contact her at 
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