A Deeper Dive into Shame with Clinician Lisa Bals - Episode 14


In this Episode:

Lisa Bals, an experienced clinician from the Portland, Maine area expands upon some of the concepts raised by Kelly McNelis in episode #13. Join us as we discuss:

· Defining shame

· Shame vs Guilt

· Shame as an individual experience and a product of our family of origin nurturing

· The impacts of shame

· Tools to intercept the shame thought/feeling/action negative cycle

· What moving beyond shame feels like

Stuff mentioned in the show:

· Brene’ Brown’s Netflix Special – “The Call to Courage”. You need Netflix to access this show, however, you can listen to other Brene’ Brown TED talks including this one on “ Listening to Shame  here.

· Carl Jung – “Shame is a soul eating emotion”

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