Stepping Into Your Self-Worth with Dr. Orlena Kerek Episode 20


In this Episode:
Orlena, our doctor turned weight-loss and health coach expert guest, discusses self-worth and self-care. She focuses on:
  • Shifting from an external validation of self-worth to an internal perspective.
  • The connection between self-worth and self-care.
  • The impact healthy parenting can have on a child’s self-worth.
  • The Thought-Emotion-Action circle using both positive and negative examples
  • How to change our Thoughts, Emotions and Actions
  • Intercepting the Thought-Emotion-Action loop at each point to make the negative to positive shift
  • Her podcast, Fit and Fabulous and her membership offering.
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Further Information Regarding Mentioned Topics:
  • Thoughts lead to Emotions lead to Actions that reinforces the initial thought but you can access the circle in each place to shift the cycle from negative to positive
  • 3 things we can do when we feel and emotion:
    • Act out the emotion
    • Run-away or avoid the emotion
    • Sit with them, feel it and let it pass
  • Methods to intercept the 3 components of the circle
    • Thoughts intercept tool = Thought Journal
    • Emotions intercept tools = Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, sitting with it
    • Action intercept tool = modifying habits / creating routines
Dr. Orlena Kerek’s connections and offerings:
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