Finding Hope After Suicide and Loss with R Jade McAuliffe - Episode 19


In this Episode:

R Jade McAuliffe ("Jade"), our incest survivor guest, discusses her background with physical, emotional and sexual abuse by two primary perpetrators, her father and older brother. She then walks us through her struggles with her own healing, suicide attempts, and dealing with the death by suicide of someone close to her. Join us as she expands upon:
  • Understanding the varying responses to abuse by each perpetrator
  • Childhood life without boundaries
  • Ways she “normalized” the situation
  • Her rocky path to healing
  • Sensory memories
  • Coming to terms with the much too soon deaths of her siblings
  • Her crash course in self-love and reclaiming herself
  • Practical tips on addressing suicidal thoughts and helping survivors of suicide loss
  • Her book Wake Me from the NIGHTMARE: Hope, Healing and Empowerment After Suicide Loss”
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