Grieving All Your Childhood Incest Related Losses with Robyn - Episode 18



In this Episode:
Robyn, our incest survivor guest, shares her insights on grieving all our childhood incest related losses as a path to accepting ourselves in all ways, in all parts of self, and loving ourselves through whatever we are going through. Join us as she expands upon:
  • Her chaotic childhood with sibling incest, parent-to-parent domestic violence, her mother’s mental illness and all the resulting shame and smallness thrust upon her
  • Unraveling her resurfaced lifelong survival mechanisms and patterns as she battled a major physical illness
  • The build-up of unprocessed losses
  • Finding acceptance through the full body grieving process, witnessing, shadow work, and peer support
  • The ultimate “gifts” of grief
  • How she helps others today
Further Information Regarding Mentioned Topics:
More About Coach Robyn and How to Connect with Her:
“After being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44, I was a called to reconnect with that spirit part of myself.
After much studying and learning a multitude of metaphysical systems and modalities, I realized that we are all unique and need various tools and techniques including the hard sciences like psychology, conflict resolution, and trauma.
My purpose is to combine the major tools used to improve the quality of life, such as counseling, coaching and healing systems into one.”
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