Understanding and Embracing Your Sexuality with Jenn Taylor - Episode 17


In this Episode:
Jenn Taylor, our incest survivor guest, shares her story of exploring, understanding, reclaiming, and ultimately embracing her sexuality. Join us as she expands upon:
  • Her background including physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • What it was like living in a home environment where her mother was experiencing catastrophic domestic violence
  • Experiencing date rape
  • Her path to struggling with her own sexuality and her quest to “feed the beast”
  • The trials, tribulations, and ultimate successes on her path of reclaiming her body, her life and herself
  • How she stepped into fostering and adopting children
  • Her book, Hello my name is Princess Warrior
  • Her podcast, The Naked Podcaster
Hello, my name is Warrior Princess Synopsis from Jenn’s website (www.Momof18.com):
Abused and molested by her stepfather, neglected by her mother, a girl lost and alone being strong for her sister. A date rape survivor who continued her bravery through her shame. After infertility, a decade of foster parenting, seven pregnancies and adoptions, she's now mom to 18 children. Jenn is a public speaker, writer, podcast host and proof there can be happy endings.
The Naked Podcaster! Synopsis from Jenn’s website (www.Momof18.com):
“I took a branding class and learned to embrace my lovely, unique quirkiness. I love fireflies, but don’t like them in the jar. When I use a public restroom, I can’t stand to lock the door. I will use my foot to hold it and when possible, I leave it cracked open. I can’t tolerate sleeping with clothes on. Turtlenecks make me feel claustrophobic. I’d love to move somewhere warm enough that shorts, tank tops and flip flops are the norm. Writing my book and sharing my story – in my mind – gave it wings. Buying a house scares me – I’m not sure I want to be locked in to living in one place. I get incredibly emotional about those serving our country in the armed services because it allows me the opportunity to complain about my very first world problems. Combining all this quirkiness was summed up in one word – FREEDOM.
The Naked Podcaster - baring it all - is YOUR opportunity to free your story!”
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